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government and the elected officials and your ambassadors and advisory. you're in a city of innovation and the french have brought so much here today wear in city hall and your host is mayor ed lee who women's to you to this city hall who has a great deal to talk about the french architecture. thank you, mr. president for coming west after your visit in washington, d.c. pr it's n a little in congress so you, you came across the united states to study fast foods but we welcome you here today. and san francisco we hope that not only you learn about all the innovation but i also know you'll see the hospitality and see the french influence and the cultural that's plausible here in 1839 the first immigrants came and brought others. there's someone here who knows about the city hall. he's been a supervisor and the mayor of san francisco and now may, i.e., present the great governor gavin newsom >> thank you good to be back. on behalf of governor jerry brown and in a great deal state welcome mr. president, it's an honor to have you here. i was thinking about this all over the world people pi
and the city of san francisco with the rental amount of $104 million 3 hundred thousand for the boards approval. >> thank you. we have ms. wagon we have commented you should have an office here at this point. >> i thought you were going to say i hadn't been here for a few weeks. >> the we did. >> this is for the south west airlines for 4 hundred plus square foot ever cargo warehouses space in order for the airline to conduct it's cargo operation. southwest has been operating on a permanent basis and this 5 year lease will lock in a structure they currently pay the airport 2 hundred thousand flue plus a year and this is subject to the annual adjustments based on the calculations. the airport has a guaranteed rent of 1 had the $3 million of the 5 year term and the budget analysis office recommended approval if you have any questions, i'll be happy to answer them >> thank you. any questions. mr. rose our report please. yes madam chair and members of the committee consistent with her comments on page 8 on the bottom summarized in the table one southwest pays $362,000 for airport building 606
, is what will make san francisco the safety big city in america. i want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and my staff and all my partners from the board of supervisors and you in the community without your help again none of this will work. it's takes a village to make a community safer. i'm proud to be part of this community this is a community where people come together and while sometimes, we maybe very boisterous how we disagree and over minor minor things i know it's funny because people tube we're also professing the shades of difference sometimes are so small we work really hard to distinguish ours inform an outside server we look crazy but in the such a great place to live and raise a family and it doesn't matter where your gay or straight or black or white this is a community that wants to work together and for that i'm very blessed to be part of this community and again, i thank you deeply for the support in how you've embraced me from the first day i came here. i want to invite all of you to go downstairs and i encourage you to talk to our men and women and to ask them w
department takes in support to get around conservation to city san franciscans and water users and we play a role to sf puc and do many activities. one that i wanted to focus on our if i can is our school education program and working with san francisco unified and various schools in order to do that. also i have a quick powerpoint. if we can put the that up as i walk through the items. since 2001 our school education team has been involved in water education. thanks to the support from the san francisco public utilities commission. we have designed a program called save our bay which we target to 5th grade classes merely teaching about water pollution prevention and promote water conservation. today we given over 800 presentation to 5th graders reaching about 25,000 students here in san francisco. in addition the team has developed a variety of fact sheets about environmental topics including water conservation and we distribute information directly to teachers and have these items posted on our website for people to download. we are adding more tips on water conservation. plus when we pr
. time and time again senator leno has come to the aid of the city. you know, in the last couple of years his stewardship in the states budget has been welcoming to have that contact driver's license and understand what the states doing. he's latest thing is the vehicle fee and now we've asked him to take on yet again and he's been gracious with his time and leadership in taking on. you know, it's not about the city college being popular it's necessary for us to or have our city college. it's necessary for job creation and business and educational goals for all our residents. you'll not find very few people in the city who have not been touched by our city college. the dictating backdrop with 0 trustees and special trustee here and bryce representing the states chandler's office and the teachers the certified union that represents them along with the individual elected trustees we're here to say we're taking care of business. and this relationship that we're building here is not going to end because of the challenge to accreditation. we're actually widening the set a relationship with the
interest of the business that we do here in city hall. the legislation that you have before you today does a number of things. it imposes the amendment that would expand the issue of lobbist and more lobbying activity is subject to self disclosure requirements and limits exemptions that are currently in the law so there is no confusion about what it is that we mean to capture. we also at the same time ensure that permanent expediters have the same rules that we demand of lobbyist and attorneys that do business here in city hall. i think we both recognize that we should demand no less of ourselves than we do of the public and the interest we seek to regulate. that's why our legislation also calls for greater accountability for oversight, contracts, procurement and grant making that we do here when we do the city's business and finally the legislation i think goes absolutely best in making sure that our community is as informed as possible when it comes to the business going on here in city hall. we have enhanced public information provision and requirements with respect to report
please call the last item. city clerk: [campaign and governmental conduct code - lobbying regulations] sponsor: chiu ordinance amending the campaign and governmental conduct code to expand the definition of a lobbyist; expand the list of reportable lobbying contacts; enhance lobbyist training, auditing, and record-keeping requirements; require public reports about city officials who fail to file statements of economic interest; require a public guide to local campaign finance laws; require permit consultants to register with the ethics commission and file regular disclosure reports; and require major developers to disclose donations to nonprofits active ity clerk: sf 512341234 >>supervisor london breed: supervisor chiu. which >>president david chiu: colleagues, thank you for bringing up this item particularly as it relates to lobbying. this is an effort that our city attorney and i began last year and mr. herrera will be joining us momentarily to make some introductory comments and it's timely to start this conversation given our city attorneys recent proposed settlement for a violati
the citizens of san francisco but only in protecting the city against its citizens, another interesting fact is that many of these cases involve violations of the law by the people who appoint you. so what do san francisco's gets for the millions of dollars that it costs to support this body each year? an infrastructure designed to cover the back sides of city wrong doers. >> most are familiar that the city librarian was found to have purgered himself for 3 consecutive years making claims that the friends of the san francisco public librariry gave him nothing which actual year they were giving him thousands of dollars worth of gifts of travel, hotel accommodations, transportation, food, conference attendance, etc.. he spent two years withholding public records from me. i had to file two petitions to the superintendent of records in the city attorney's office, and the first petition after a year of waiting for him to give me documents was denied because he was giving me documents. another year, went by, and filed another petition and they gave me another pile of documents all of which should
of the case city and county of san francisco vs. 564 howard street, llc accident board released the payment of $18,000 for the exchange of damage claims to the city and a tjpa. >> thank you. i want to take a moment to acknowledging the staff for videotaping and archaic our meeting here today and seeing no further items the meeting is good morning and happy new year. >> happy new year. go 9ers. all right. (clapping) well, thank you all for km i know there are symso many departments ease our newly scorn or sworn in actually 4 times sworn in and our fire department and mary from treasure island and our commissioners that have been sworn in and about to be sworn in. today is a great day where we've got 44 appointees people who are upping upism in taking open this fantastic responsibility in representing our city in being what i have also said we need con did you notice to run this fantastic city. so i want to say thank you your recreation and parks department some 16 different bodies for our city and county of san francisco. and let's say it runs the gambling bit of how we manage a great city
. city clerk: [reducing pharmaceutical prices]1400123.sponsors: chiu; wiener and camposresolution supporting city, state, and federal efforts to reduce pharmaceutical prices and increase transparency of the pharmaceutical rate-setting process. 1/7/14; received and assigned to the government audit city clerk: sf 31234 >>supervisor london breed: supervisor chiu this is your item. which >>president david chiu: thank you. the proposition placed this on the battle -- ballot, this is a measure overwhelmingly passed by voters and i have a cosponsor as supervisor wiener for the implementation and reduce the heavy burden that our residents and country faces from pharmaceutical drug prices. the united states spends more on pharmaceutical drugs than all of our country. even though the law addresses major problems with this. the issue of high cost is left untouched. to keep up with our cost, the department of public health has reduced by 25 percent over the last 5 years. we are paying $23 million of taxpayer money while drug manufactures have made billions of dollars in profits. these are t
explored with city staff on this issue. we have very little transparency on the prices set not only with drugs but also prices paid by the city and county of san francisco. some of the out patients are eligible to receive a low price negotiated by the federal government in the so-called 340 b program. unfortunately it's not accessible to in patients that we have in our local hospitals as well as our jails. i would also note that our city purchases many of our drugs for our inpatient populations and others with a contract through a company called innovation. unfortunately the pricing for those particular drugs are covered by non-disclosure agreement and we don't have the ability to understand how those prices are set. the resolution is asking for four things. it asks the department of public health to use consumer websites to provide comparisons for drugs in san francisco and asks for the drug pricing through all inpatient settings federal legislative agenda for this year. we also state that the board of supervisors will increase transparency in pricing for health care and prescripti
that information and it takes time. for me it is a issue of time and since the city attorney said-this isn't break thg rules under the city terns advice that this particular resolution falls under either category. i just don't understand why we can't low it to be heard in land use sooner so we can get it to the board for a vote. that is qulaut i'm concerned about and scheduled for march 20 delays >> call the question >> at this time supervisor wieners motion to send this to land use committee is on the form. >> when do we vote? >> supervisor wiener? i. ye. no. avlose. no. bree. i. comps, no. president chew. no. cohen, no. ferrule. i. supervisor kim. no. supervisor mar. no. supervisor tank. i. there are 4 i and 7 no. >> is there another motion? supervisor co00 is there another motion? >> make a motion we send to the rules committee. >> seconded by [inaudible] let me say thing. either committee should be fine, but all you know i don't think we should play gamewise our committies as far as bottleing things up. the idea is to move things out to the board without recommendati
to kickoff the new year. san francisco has been a dynamic city during the break i was reading the history of muni how things have changed and required the city to view. we're in a lot of change including in our transportation system a lot of change is good but it needs to be managed and it's safe and a consistent with the transit first policy. we're here to talk about that. we've got a lot of great partners partners if commercial transportation from the private be sector and companies that they service and our participates in the city. i think you'll hear from the mayor and other speakers we're chronically this issue head on and really going to address something that's are bringing benefits to san francisco and we'll continue to realize those benefits while addressing any issues that this corporate employee shuttle are bringing. without further ado happy to bring up our mayor mayor ed lee >> thank you (clapping.) well happy new year i want to thank supervisor weiner and supervisor chiu they're for better and improved transportation tom nolan is here as well as his assumes a fact not in e
and the city attorney's office, as i understand it, then we have... i don't know if it is... >> normally... >> if it is just a process? or if we are bound to let the city attorney's office take over? >> there are occasions when we have done the joint investigations but generally speaking when there is a complaint filed in two places we tend to defer to the higher authority, mostly no resource and issues, but that has been our regular process. >> and this fell within that boundary? >> yes. >> i think that for explanations of the public as well, that even though the city attorney brought it, we are going to be talking to the city attorney as our lawyer as well, in this closed session, so in order to protect the attorney, client privilege that any individual or any body has. we have an obligation to protect and keep it private and so going into the private session is to make sure that we as litigants don't wave any attorney client privilege and it is not anything to keep any information from the public. it is something that we have to do as litigants if we are going to have attorney client
an update on those first one and two have already been litigated. and in favor of the city. and the bdr is conducting collection efforts at this point and the third one, will be, is set for the litigation but has not come to court yet. >> okay. >> and then, i just wanted to make sure that the commission knows because of the comments that have been made, statements of economic interest and the section seven and i don't have a comment on that but under the state law, we are allowed to assess late fines for people who violate, but we have no enforcement authority over form 700 and their constant, the ethics commission can cannot investigate or take action on those, we have to defer them to the state. >> so we can levy five, and i don't understand. >> when the people file late, we can levy late fines, but if people falsify the documents, and don't report the things that they are supposed to or refused to file and that is out of our hands. >> okay, that is all that i have for today. >> any questions or comments? >> well, interest to the hear about and you look at the variance, particularly y
-- sponsored by the city. the fees were not collectibles. sponsors were required to pay fees for food permits but not dpt. today sf mta is charging and collecting fees for providing traffic control services from sponsors for new events, newly established street fairs and festivals. any festival or fair established prior to 2,000 are being charged for the expansion of those events but not for prior to 2000 established. so in other words, if they change or establish a new block, we do actually charge for recovery of our cost for those pieces. our ability to recover the full cost of enforcement services for street fairs is limited by the transportation code and my understand is that it's up to the board to change this code. and with that i will answer any questions. >>supervisor london breed: supervisor tang? tang tang i -- >>supervisor katy tang: i know this ranges in different sizes. what are festivals going to be paying? >> we have an estimate of $529,000. this covers about 30 events annually for festivals and street fairs. >> let's say for example a small block party, 2 blocks, what would a
and other fund losses. the city expenses includes the environmental review for 25 million it's less than the original estimates of 50 million because the city departments operating costs were less because of fewer speculators - >> i'm sorry, i don't want to cut you off but when you say port expenditures of 4.56 million the port did the economic by the people from the america's cup event. >> that's right i'll go through those. that's the city department costs 89 million were for virile review so in some instances like muni they incurred revolts but those are net we accounted for the revenues. the city entered into an mo u the city agreed to reinforce the port for expenses not renting out property so the america's cup would have the venues. those were the total costs of $4 million the city rshsz the port so when you talk about the ports revenue this subtracts out the businesses what we might have had to pay the port for the increased businesses that's counted in i i don't have the report with me but 1.6 million for the port to make improvements optional peer 29 for the event >> so
our city staffers such as there is no transparency with anyone nor the public. can you help us understand what that entails. >> i will attempt to. i'm here on behalf of the city attorneys office. good morning supervisors. actually it was this board that passed this section of the administrative code section 15.104 which authorizes dph to enter into an agreement with basically a cooperative united health care systems that then in turn contracts with innovation to do the negotiations. now, in the very language of that administrative code section dp h is required to agree to united health -- uhc's terms and conditions. so it was a measure passed by the board. obviously the board could revisit that language. i think as dave woods indicated on behalf of dph that if certain pieces and information are made public, we definitely would lose our ability to leverage better prices. even prime vendors would be reluctant to act on our behalf because of another locality could point to san francisco as being able to acquire a certain price and a certain drug and manufacturers would start to b
will concrete the cities standing as a cutting-edge center in this new and/or of health care. they can't recall guarantee goodbyes for decades to come and hospitality and entertainment it's critical we continue to make improvement to our international airport and our moscone convention center. we will continue to support of the improvement of our arts and our cultural destinations like the new mexican amount and the new wing felt sf project and a wonderful new museum for george lucas art collection. in 200168 we'll host super bowl 50 and thank you folks for putting together the winning bid. and in 2017 we'll bring back america's cup for more focused event on our bay congratulations russel and the oracle u.s. team for that amazing come behind effort. we'll work with the golden gate warriors to bring them back to san francisco. a spectacular investment on our cities future. i know rick is here today and rick we're behind you for another successful playoff season thank you. we'll continue to invest in our neighborhood within our 25 investing corridors throughout the city places like gary boulevard
the environment code to restrict the sale or distribution on city property of drinking water in plastic bottles of 21 ounces or less, set city policy to increase the availability of drinking water in public areas, and bar the use of city funds to purchase bottled water, and making environmental findings. ~ water. >> and, supervisor chiu is the author of item number 1. supervisor chiu. >> colleagues, thank you. thank you, colleagues. i very much appreciate your consideration of our legislation to hopefully [speaker not understood] plastic water bottles on city property. in recent months as we've all seen the extreme water conditions and drought in our country, in our world, the need to combat global warming cannot be more urgent. as our city has led the fight for the environment, we need to be a leader to our addiction in plastic bottled water. our world was not addicted to plastic bottled water. only in the 1990s did the now $60 billion plastic bottled water experience growth based on marketing campaigns. but before that, [speaker not understood], everyone around the world has managed to stay h
that condition on our item no. 8. >> deputy city attorney, john gibner. yes. you have to. >>supervisor mark farrell: all right. colleagues any questions for mr. rose. okay. is there any additional public comment? seeing none, public comment is closed. all right. so, as to item no. 6, we have amendments recommended by mr. rose? >> motion to approve amendment. >> to send -- line item for no. 6. >> as recommended. >>supervisor mark farrell: item no. 7? >> item no. 7 forwarding to the full board. item no. 8 you are adopting the motion to rel -- release the funds after approved by ceqa. >> item no. 7 we can move to the full board. >> so moved. >> item no. 8 release pending approval by the board of supervisors to the full board. >> okay. approval of item 7 to the full board. can i take that without opposition? okay. so moved. >> okay. madam clerk, any other business? city clerk: no, sir. we don't. >>supervisor mark farrell: okay. we are adjourned. [ meeting is adjourned ] >> >> >> >> good afternoon, welcome to the san francisco board of supervisors land use and economic development committee. i a
the members. we have so many rooms and i just feel like in the city, i feel like we have a resistance to sharing. everyone shouldn't have their own large committee room space. i'm sorry, every department doesn't need that. so, i guess for me i want to press our departments to share and be more thoughtful because it's real dollars. and as real estate gets more expensive here in the city, you know, this is going to be a continuing conversation and dialogue. so, that's where, you know, my comments come from. >> supervisor kim, if i could comment, we have pursued over the years holding our retirement board meetings here at city hall. we have been told that there is not -- i mean, there's other folks who have booked the space. the retirement board has selected the second wednesday of every month to hold their regular meetings. generally those meetings would require a minimum of five hours. sometimes we have had board meeting that have lasted longer than that. i mean, we do recognize the importance of being able to televise them hopefully live. we've been working with supervisor avalos's of
to the city and counto of san francisco where she worked for [inaudible] hospital. she will be laid to rest this friday. also want to recognize the untimely death of a young woman named mr. carl av hix. born october 181960 and passed away february 15, 2014. she was a mother and a business woman spirfckly a entrepreneur. she was a native san francisco and [inaudible] made significant contributions to the city and county of san francisco and leave a legagy with their family. they were loved and will be messed h. >> thank you supervisor cohen >> colleagues on the back ofhering we held a budget and finance meeting [inaudible] today i introduce a number of hearing request to dwil down a solution jz service tooz reduce the homeless population in the city. the first is housing aungez frz had homeless which will [inaudible] including the discussion of support housing and transitial housing and other aungez option. the second is the housing ladder thmpt city government should provide affordable housing authority for the homeless and formally homeless. requires further and better [inaudibl
on the board, i know many of us have young ben was in the city. i know a ton of my friends have left the city. one thing that the strike me as we have a ton of data, but it is a different places. this year, we will call for those constituents to come together to understand the issue better and, going forward, enacting policies to extend that period . of all the places i have been, this is my favorite. i am a born and raised san franciscan. more important, i represent district 2. i grew up in the marina district close to the palace of fine arts. my parents still live in the same set of plants that i live in. i went to grammar school here. i went to st. ignatius here. i am a proud wild cat. i went to college at loyola- marymount university in los angeles. i had a scholarship to play baseball. i remember coming down here to christie field, when my dad was in the military, seeing how the beaches have transformed into but we have today. you cannot beat the views, of course. it just holds summoning memories and i can come here with our kids, our family. i ended up going to ireland to get a master's
of the city my the hearts project has since then support $11 million worth of projects in the hospital (clapping) we're so glad for that, too because the general has shown us everyday it's such a gem this hospital inparalleled by other cities by it's care for the welfare and the house of all it's citizens and it's expertise and cutting-edge is amazing. it's a vial access and provide 24 hours traumatic care it serves nearly one hundred thousand adults every year and pediatric patients as well and as we saw after the air liner intensities it's there are 90 for any countries twenty-four hours a day. with this year's hearts events lisa and psychic letter if i get a chance to see has been totally amazing (clapping) we have been able to support care for elderly patient in order to reduce readmission rate to provide a van that goes into the community and anyway's that underserved women have man and woman grams and the snit is conducting innovative research and training with worldwide impact it helps the foundation fund project that may otherwise go unfunded by general. so thank you, thank you
of working with city departments about the requirements of this ordinance to make sure that this is doable. >> good afternoon, supervisors cohen, chiu, [speaker not understood]. .public utilities commission. this legislation [speaker not understood] distribution of bottled water on city property is in [speaker not understood] and encouraging greater consumption of bottled water. -- of tap water, sorry. the drinking water provided by the sfpuc is among the purest, the cheapest to deliver and the best tasting water in the world. this legislation build upon the tap ordinance sponsored previously by supervisor chiu, mar, and [speaker not understood] joint tap program, golden tap initiative and drink tap in school. so, these programs, sfpuc in cooperation with other city departments and agencies has begun installing bottle filling stations and public spaces in schools throughout the city. san francisco is among the first cities in the united states to feature outdoor reusable bottle refilling stations. our stations can be found in golden gate park, crocker amazon park, marina green, ucsf campus
cities were completely overrun by immigrants who had flooded into the city in the second half of the 19th century and really had sort of overrun the cities in the cities were at the time sort of just fingernails of what they are today. everybody was crammed into just a tiny portion of the city because that was as thou art -- far out is you could go. if you wanted to get from downtown boston to brooklyn it would take you two hours by horse and carriage. very few people lived out here except for the extremely wealthy and they had private carriages so that was the way life was back then. if you did not have a carriage and horse pulled cart for yourself then you lived downtown on one of those streets that was developed very early and that was it treated the same thing was true for new york. in new york city everybody lives in a further spout -- part of downtown crammed onto the island of manhattan. it was only when trolleys begin to speed up and the electric trolley came along and means of moving people around started to come along that then people were able to move out and move out of the ci
it to the city and that's what i meant is we he don't submit one directly to the city because we don't have a capital expenditure large enough to bring forward. >> maybe if you aggregate all of the agencies and departments that not meet that threshold maybe together combine, they do. and, so, i think that's something to think about. >> supervisor avalos. >> i will be supporting the item and i do appreciate retirement board coming back with an alternative plan using much less floor space. that can save us some money. i didn't get a chance to go visit, but i have been there before and i saw the conditions there before. i think when you do expand it will be important to provide that service. i just want to touch upon televising retirement board meeting. i think here at city hall would be the most cost-effective way of doing it and as a charter commission, the commission would have priority as well. that's the word from [speaker not understood] who works here in our building. hopefully that can be done starting next fiscal year. i think given the great interest we've shown here at the board, [s
class. not like it used to be. we explain. he's underemployed. the new york city cab driver trying to get off the road and back to his career. >> there are certain issues that i'm dealing with, namely lack of discretionary income. i stopped saving. in other words my life is not on cruise control. those stories and more as real money continues. >> philadelphia is a perfect example of the decline of the middle class. the city of brotherly love is known as solidly and power fully middle class blue-collar town. back before the first rocky film was made, it was that. 59% of the city's residence were middle class. by 2010 it dropped to 42%. that's according to the pew charitable trust. philadelphia is a poorer city than when it was the manufacturing powerhouse. it lost a larger share of the tax paying middle class residents. america starts to split along haves and have not. philadelphia is not benefitting from the trend. it has not seen an increase in the upper class the same way the rest of the nation has. that can only mean one thing, between 1970 and 2010 the share of lower class grew
currently doing as well as our users in the city itself. our recent water system improvements to get to that reliability system that you talked about and state and federal legislation that are in the works that hopefully can provide funding for some of the activities that we need to engage in to really save more water here. first, on the water supply conditions, the current water supply in our reservoir is 98 billion gallons which sounds like a lot of water but when you need about 32 million gallons per day, it's not a lot of water. we have 12,000 acre feet in our system which is a back up water supply. i will talk about how we plan to access that if we need it. and we have water basically is what we used to supply the irrigation districts with water to maintain water in hetch hetchy reservoir. that water depends on the reservoir. it didn't look like much in flow and that water wasn't worth much. precipitation has been normal for february. more is needed. we basically need this weekend storm to be strong and one or two more series of storms so i will be able to sleep throughou
of stewart's and homeless advocates have adapted this approach thank you. this is the city of sftv and we have to help those who are homeless because they don't have the capacity to make decisions that save their own lives (clapping) but housing in san francisco in 2014 is not only a concern of those on the streets and that's why we're here today. this place the shipyard which we see today is reborn for a foundry for ships for a new community. mayor brown we're honoring the commitment you made to this community and so to the southeast sector and thank you senator feinstein and nancy pelosi for your unwaiver support for your leadership in winning $850 million for a thorough clear up he a smooth transition from the navy to our city. around us under construction are hundreds and soon thousands of new homes some of them 2 and 3 berm homes. more than 25 percent will be affordable and the rest will be priced according to the market many full in reach of our middle class families. yes housing. i know some of you have been looking around here is a well, maybe this is where we ought to be. with th
, mr. st. croix and perhaps our representative from the city attorney's office, do you want to explain what we will be looking at? >> so, and i am going to defer to the city attorney in a moment. this is again, like last month sort of a unique situation it is not a process that we have gone through before. but this is not the same as last month. so, it will be necessary to go into closed session. the city attorney and the deputy city attorney will explain in a moment. so first we have should amotion to go into closed session and perhaps words from the city attorney and then a vote. >> do i here a motion? >> so moved that we go into private session. >> i will second. >> and any discussion? >> public comment? >> do you want me to comment before or after? >> yes, please. >> my view is that we it is necessary to go into closed session, the basically any question that, so just as a bit of back up, you know this was, these two settlements, the city attorney's office and sort of took the lead in negotiating these settlements both with mr. yaki and mr. grijalva and all of the litigation occurr
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,878 (some duplicates have been removed)